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Why am I always so tired?

The question: Why am I always so tired? Is simple to answer when you find the true cause!

The next three presenting problems, (I have included the solutions at the bottom of this blog), may spark the inner sleuth in you, and help find an answer to solve some of your long-term problems with fatigue!

Scenario (1)

Jane C, 72-year-old lady from Melbourne who suffers from occasional UTI’s, she has a week bladder and has to get up 2-3 times a night to go to the toilet. To compensate for her lack of sleep at night, she usually has a couple of day sleeps just to get by.

What was the solution to Jane’s problem?

Scenario (2)

Ben B, a 23-year-old male from Sydney, loves online gaming, he’s respectful of his sleep though, turning of his gaming console no later than 11pm and jumping straight into bed, he always wakes feeling tired though, which often effects his job in customer service, he gets through the day by drinking at least 6-10 cups of coffee just to keep him going.

What was the solution to Ben’s problem?

Scenario (3)

Sarah T, 28-year-old woman from Sydney, who gets, plenty of sleep, loves her job in real estate and likes to keep herself fit and healthy by exercising and eating lots of green leafy salads, Sarah almost always struggles with tiredness around 2-3pm, often feeling like a nap which is almost impossible in her job, she often gets home, has dinner, then falls asleep in front of the TV until she goes to bed.

What was the solution to Sarah’s problem?

Tiredness can strike at any time of the day, in fact knowing the approximate time of day when you are usually tired could be a crucial clue to what your potential problem is.

There are many factors that can cause tiredness


  • Not getting enough exercise

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Not eating the right food

  • Eating the right food at the wrong time

  • Eating the right food for others and not you

  • Sleep Apnoea

  • Not going to bed at the right time for your needs

  • Coffee, whaaaat, isn’t that supposed to keep me awake!

  • Illness, syndromes. disorders

  • Pain

  • And many more that are very unique to you and your life


  • Not getting enough sunlight through the day

  • Not getting enough fresh air

  • Being too hot or cold in bed

  • Bedroom not dark enough

  • Too much noise at home

  • Screen time watch that blue light before bedtime!

  • Too much gaming at night

  • There are so many more factors, that could cause tiredness


  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Negative emotions, like anger, hurt, guilt, shame, fear, sadness, frustration

  • Relationship problems

  • Parental problems

  • Work issues

  • The list goes on and on

Can you relate to any of the points above?

If yes? Can you make any changes that might help you relieve your problem? Trying a few things that may help, often doesn’t cost you anything and can sometimes work a real treat!

Or are you struggling to figure out why you feel so tired? If this is, you? Seek help, most Health and Lifestyle Coaches can assist you in finding the answers to your tiredness, with a coach you also have added bonus of them being experts in making plans to improve many other areas of your life at the same time.

Ok! do you want to know the solutions to the three scenarios?

Before I give you the actual solutions, I want to give you the answer I would have given to all three scenarios.

“They are just the presenting problems,

I would need a lot more information to find the real solution”

Here are the brief outlines of what we may have done to solve these problems.

Jane C,

  • She was drinking way too much fluid (cups of tea) just before bed, we restricted her drinking to no liquid in the three hours before bed, this was a big win, she now only occasionally gets up once per night

  • She did little or no lower abdominal strength, I referred her to specialist Physio to improve this, we also had to work on increasing her motivation to follow the exercise routine provided by the physio

  • We almost eliminated her UTI’s with Supplementation and drinking a good quality unsweetened Cranberry juice

Ben B,

  • Ben’s 11pm was more like 2-3am, he was addicted to gaming, the only thing that stopped him from playing all night was his job, which he needed for money to pay his rent, he solved his problem by reframing his life @LaunchPoint, via Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy

  • He dramatically reduced his daily coffee rollercoaster ride to 2 cups per day, which wasn’t that hard, once he increased the amount of sleep, he was now getting

  • Ben now has a girl friend and enjoys other fun activities at night instead of just gaming

Sarah T,

  • Sarah looked great, a picture of very good health, but through taking a detailed personal history of her life, it revealed the root cause of her tiredness was being poorly treated and teased about her appearance when she was a young girl, this led her to make food choices, that although were healthy, they did not serve her personal daily nutritional needs.

  • First, we worked on managing her emotions from the past and then changed her limiting beliefs and decisions which were preventing her from making the right choices in her life, changing these allowed Sarah to make future choices that served her and not others

  • We added a little protein to her breakfast and lunch, and importantly included an afternoon snack, such as homemade protein balls or a good quality protein shake

  • I found it was very important to change her mindset, not just her food intake, otherwise she may have had a limiting belief that she had to exercise more to work off the protein she was now having

As you can see by reading these scenarios, it’s not always the presenting problem, that is the actual problem. If you have something you can’t solve by yourself, give me (Dave) a call @Launchpoint!

“You don’t have to change everything in your life, just change what counts”