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Top 5 things men buy in a midlife crisis…

Updated: Jan 31

Are you finding that your life is getting increasingly more boring? Are you feeling that your golden years are rapidly drifting away? Family life getting you down a bit? Wanting to inject a bit of excitement into your life? Thinking of treating yourself to a purchase you would never normally buy?

If your answer to any of these is yes then chances are you’re not as young and free as you once were; welcome to the fabled midlife crisis! Typically arriving around your 40s, the midlife crisis is often the point when most people realise their advancing years and inevitable mortality is edging ever closer so decide to make a drastic lifestyle change to reinvent themselves.

It can happen to any single one of us, and whilst some people will go a little more wild than others a recent study by Healthspan found that on average, a man will spend around $4,000 on during his midlife crisis… and here’s the five most common purchases;

1) A holiday

Yep that’s right, of the 1,000 men surveyed a holiday was the one thing that topped the list most frequently. Hitting your midlife crisis makes many people realise that their career is not so important and they will soon be unable to do as much as they wish; so they try to cram as much as possible in whilst they can. Exploring a new country or exciting activity is the perfect way to do this, unwind from the stress of life and see what else the world has to offer.

2) A new gadget

From the latest iPhone to purchasing the games console, a typical bloke going through a midlife crisis is known to resort to buying the latest gadgets to help recapture their youth. After all, nothing says you’re still hip and down with the kids like playing Fortnite, right?!

3) A Sports car

A sports car is the ultimate cliché impulse buy of a man going through the depths of a midlife crisis! Just how many films and TV shows have depicted their main character buying a powerful sports car when they hit their 40s? Well turns out it is actually true and many men actually do resort to buying a trendy sports car when they hit their midlife crisis!

4) Designer Clothes

Much like the latest gadgets help to recapture their youth, the fourth most common purchase for a man going through a midlife crisis was to purchase the latest designer clothes and trends. That might not be so bad if it was a nice suit or something, but more often than not it’ll be skinny jeans and a top that no one over 30 should be wearing… don’t do it to yourself!

5) A Motorbike

Coming in at number at 5 on the most common purchases during a midlife crisis was a motorbike. Maybe it is another hark back to their younger days when they would ride around or perhaps it is a lifelong ambition; whatever it might be, a lot of men decide that their 30s and 40s are the perfect time to hop in the saddle and ride off into the sunset!

Whatever it might be, a midlife crisis can sometimes be a great way to take stock of your life and change what is making you unhappy. However before you go spending thousands on an impulse buy that you don’t need, why not use a professional coach to help you make small adjustments in your life to achieve maximum happiness and wellness? Get in touch today to find out more.