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Updated: Jan 7

Live life by this!!! "Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get what you've got"

1) Just Eat Real Food 80% of the Time

If it's an edible food, doesn't have any strange ingredients, it's not white flour, refined sugar, refined salt, milk or white rice, it's probably a real food, eat this 80% of the time and you should be good to go.

Important note: Food is a often a social event, a time to gather with friends and family, don't restrict yourself in these times unless you have too, have a little fun with your food when its appropriate.

2) Avoid Food that Makes you Feel Flat or Fatigued

Is this your time to create a new relationship with food?

This decade, starting today, is a good time to start eating more intelligently, you are the best judge as to how you feel after you've eaten something because some foods serve you and others don't. Personally, my journey has led me to realising that for a majority of meals a good quality brown rice or chickpea pasta works really well for me, where as an omelette with fresh ingredients absolutely does not, this is not the case for everyone though, we are all different, it's about finding what's right for you in the realms of real food.

One of my favorite foods is pizza, not the fast food versions though, I'm talking good quality here, I absolutely love food and want to be really healthy in life while still enjoying myself in the process, the 80/20 serves both for me.

Important note, if you jump onto the Just Eat Real Food 80/20 rule, you will more than likely come to realise how good you feel with some foods and how other foods that don't serve you cause you all sorts of dramas, it's a real eye opener.

I can't live without my 80/20 rule now, and from my experience of helping others as a Master Coach, I'm pretty sure if done well, you will be the same?

Try this new thought pattern! Don't think of food as good or bad, think of it as eating healthy 80% of the time and having fun 20% of the time.

3) Get your Mindset in Order, lose your LIMITING BELIEFS

I often use the quote "you need to get the heck out of your own way in life" We are our own worst enemies on our journey through life, everything is out there for the taking with the right mindset, there are no limits within reason to receiving or achieving that you desire, trust me, so many people talk themselves out of good health and vitality, finding a good partner, enjoying life, being a good parent, a good lover, choosing the right career, having the relationships they want etc.

People talk themselves out of having abundance in many facets of life, so much of this comes down to having a set of LIMITING BELIEFS for themselves and their abilities, which prevents them achieving something different in their lives.

Change is easier than you think with the right tools. And PLEASE REMEMBER change does not have to be a radically different life, you can still keep the things you love, while losing the things you don't.

4) Move Frequently and Purposely

Take the Stairs, Go for a Walk, Stretch, Dance, Climb, jump, Swim, Run, Push, Pull, Lift etc.

Do whatever you can and what your mobility allows, don't be afraid to do a little more each time as well, as this is how you improve your health and vitality in the long term.

I have put the word PURPOSELY in there because it creates a mindset of change and also a sense of achievement when whatever you plan to do is completed.

Also for those people with physical jobs, don't fooled into thinking this all you need, unless you're a professional athlete covering all area of fitness (Cardio, Flexibility and Strength) you may need more, I personally know some very strong people that get completely gassed after one flight of stairs, strong but not fit! Your heart will love you for it!

5) Lift Heavy Things that are Relative to your Fitness Levels

There is no doubt about it "strength brings confidence"

When I mention this to my clients, I learned quite early to frame it in a particular way, because most people that are unfit or have never lifted before have an instant mental image of becoming an Olympic weight lifter, rippling with muscles and breaking their back in the process, not good when your new client is a 65 year old grandmother with osteoporosis (not that they can't do this if they really want too though) like everything, there is a process involved in improving any area of life.

It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, there is no doubt strength brings confidence, a sureness of self and a feeling of empowerment. And don't worry ladies, if done correctly, you will not lose your feminine look, you will more than likely enhance it.

And guy's, get those Biceps the woman want to hang off, it's easier than you think!

You can do this by yourself with some cheap weights, you could look for a PT, or get yourself a good Health Coach.

6) Get Some Oxygen in your Lungs, the benefits are huge

Ever tried holding your breath, can't do it for to long can you? there is a reason for this, it's essential for life!

You know what? I love testing my lungs out through exercise, I must say, sometimes it feels terrible in the moment, when it feels like you can't suck enough air in to cover your bodies needs, but I get a real buzz afterwards, knowing that #1 I didn't die (that's always a bonus) and #2 my body was up to the task.

You don't have to do this though, as you see in the picture above, simply getting outside (preferably with bare feet) taking some deep breaths and sucking in some fresh air into your lungs, this is so beneficial to your wellbeing, maybe you could do some breathing based meditation, do some mindfullness breathing techniques, go for a brisk walk, or do something crazy and extreme, but really cool, the Wim Hof Ice Bath, that'll get you sucking the big ones in, i guarantee it.

Point here is! the more oxygen you receive in your lungs the more oxygen in your blood, the healthier you become.

7) Get Plenty of Sleep, this is so important

We all know how important this is! It is one of the fundamentals in life, not going to go into too much detail here because I won't know when to stop writing.

We all have times where this a short term problem, but when it becomes a chronic, long term problem, it can not only totally disrupt not only your life, but it can wreak havoc on those around too, if this is the case for you, ask yourself this question why am I not getting enough sleep? Am i anxious or worried about something, could it be my diet, am i not happy with something in my life, do i have a negative emotion (Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt, Shame) that just keeps spinning around in my head at night?

Try looking for the root cause for your lack of sleep, and then try and fix this first, before you look to external sources to mask the problem.

I'm pretty pasionate about this subject, but i'm going to stop there!

8) Play Whenever you Can

I can't live without a bit of fun, can you? In fact fun comes before money in my personal value system, which can be a slight problem for me at times.

Talking about fun there's an organised fitness movement in America that focusses on taking adults back to their childhood in the school playground, they have classes that have individual and friendly team based games such as hopscotch, hula hoops, dodgeball, british bulldog, tag etc, sounds like a whole lot of fun to me!

As we get older a vast majority of people end up being very staunch adults, who have a lot of responsibility and find it very hard to let their hair down, unless alcohol is involved of course, which can be counter productive if that's the only way you can have fun in life.

I know a fitness expert that specialises in peoples that are recovering from many different problems in life, for most people the first thing he gets them to do is role around on the ground, crawl like a baby and slither like a snake, sounds a bit weird hey? but kind of fun? been there done that, it was a blast, I couldn't stop laughing and leanrnt a lot about myself in the process, yay! it works so well as a therapy though, it helps people to become grounded again (so many people have lost this), gets them out of their comfort zone and more in tune with their body (when was the last time you crawled around the floor like a baby? Mental note, don't do this if you have a randy great dane in the house), this sort of therapy helps because unfortunately these modern times have led us to become so disconnected from our bodies, most people these days live almost totally in their head and have lost touch with their heart, do you agree? Is this something you'd like to change that about yourself?

If you don't know what to do for fun, ask around, look on the net, start trying a few things until something you really enjoy sticks.

9) Get Plenty of Healthy Sunlight

Vitamin D brings so much happiness to so many people, if you don't get enough quality sunshine in your life, it may leave you feeling down in the dumps (SAD), I'm sure that's not the case for everyone everywhere, it's the case for everyone I know though, doesn't matter what season it is, if there's a bit of sun, make the most of it wisely! (especially in Australia)

10) Get out of your Head and into your Heart More Often

Like I wrote earlier, so many people in this fast paced world live in their head almost all the time, sadly they have forgotten what it feels like to live in their heart to REALLY See, Hear (Listen), Touch, Talk (texting does not count) and they most certainly don't take the time to get out there and Smell the roses, our five senses are the way we connect with not only ourselves (mind and body) but with everthing and everyone else around us too.


Set some time aside on a daily or weekly basis, to REALLY connect with what or who you love in life, try to start getting in touch with all of your senses, trust me, you will love yourself for it. If this scares you? ask yourself why it scares you and take action on the answer!


A special mention goes out to the importance of water, so many people don't drink anywhere near enough, the mental and physical health benefits of drinking around 2 litres of water a day are massive. GET ON THIS, IT'S EASY AND IT'S CHEAP

Would you like to be coached by a MASTER HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE COACH on any or all of the points in this blog, for any inquires about being Coached by Dave at Launchpoint, please email dave@launchpoint.com.au or visit www.launchpoint.com.au

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