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O.K guys and girls too, if you're single and wondering if there's more to life than what you currently have, let me give you a common scenario so you don’t feel so alone.

You get up in the morning feeling tired and dreading work, have a quick breakfast either at home, on the go or at your work place, commute to work, hopefully it’s not too far or the traffic (stress) is too bad, work all day with a quick lunch break in between, commute (rush) home.

Now you’re home, what do you do? As a single you probably don’t feel like cooking for yourself, so you throw something in the microwave because it’s quick and easy, you either watch some TV, search the web, social media or end up gaming, depending on your age bracket and interests, you go to bed late, then do it all again the next day

Weekends come, hopefully you have a group of friends or family you can catch up with either in the evenings or through the day and that you enjoy yourself, but this is not always the case, especially for a lot of guy’s, who are often left feeling alone or isolated at either their parent’s house or their own place, social media is often a time filler but also a real curse in this situation, especially when they see other people (often falsely) really enjoying their lives and you are not, this can really hurt, and for some guy’s and girls even being with a crowd of friends or family, still brings a feeling of loneliness and isolation when they don’t have a partner.

Sounds bad being single, struck with loneliness and isolation, having nothing to do or no one to do anything with, this does not have to be case though, being single can be a incredibly exciting time, filled with fun, choice and adventure, if that’s what you’re looking for? Call me, I would love to help you find this!

If you relate to all this not so good stuff above, you’re not happy and you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, don’t stress, you are one of many, which in a positive sense, there is a potential partner men and women in exactly the same situation as you, just waiting for someone to talk to them, to ask them out and to be their long term partner, does the thought of talking too or asking someone out freak you out a little , you may need a Lifestyle Coach, through coaching you can adjust all these thoughts, feelings and anything else in your life that you want to, getting coached to a new life that you choose is much easier than you think!

If you’re not happy about being single, what can you do about it?

There are infinite answers to this question, believe it or not, we are constantly faced with all the opportunities that we need in our lives, but often our eyes are not open to these opportunities? It’s all there, but we can’t see it until we’re shown how!

I don’t know anything about your life, because I’m not coaching you at the moment, but what I do know, because it’s the case for just about everyone, is, you are probably looking outwards for all the answers to all your questions, if you are doing this, you’re certainly not alone, most people do this without success.

A wise person once said to me “work in before you work out” he was so right

If you are a single person looking for a loving relationship, I would like to ask you a question? Will finding a partner solve all your problems? You may say yes to this question? But are you sure of this? From the knowledge I have as a coach, I can certainly tell you that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” without the right approach to your life and the right approach to a relationship, that’s for sure.

Tip: Make sure you always have a hobby, a past time, sport or friendships that are external to your relationship, this is often very attractive to your other half and stops them from feeling that there are solely responsible for all of your happiness, trust me it helps! Be aware how much time you spend externally though, because too much time could be bad for the relationship.

Get to know the real you before your future partner does!

You don’t have to do this of course, but I tell you what? Knowing this absolutely helps you understand who you are going to best relate to in a future partner, I ask you? How can you really know what you want in life or a partner unless you know yourself first? Makes sense doesn’t it?

So many people just fall into relationships and regret it after a couple of months or a couple years, this is not your partners fault by the way, it’s both partners fault, because as individuals with infinite choices in our lives, we are at cause for just about everything that happens to ourselves, including relationships choices that have gone sour.

The big question!

As Guy’s, although the gender gap is closing, there is still more societal pressure on us blokes to make the first move when it comes to approaching our future partners, this can be extremely hard for some men with low self-esteem, low self-worth or a bunch of other limiting beliefs about themselves, these beliefs are debilitating and can keep even the nicest guys on the planet from finding the right partner and equally may get them hooked up with the wrong partner (girls take note, this is potentially a problem for you too) for the rest of their lives.

Lose the self-talk, gain the partner!

Finding a partner!

“The right approach is always your authentic approach” don’t be anyone you are not!


What is preventing you from finding a partner, the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

  • Don’t know?

  • You know? But don’t know what to do about it?

  • You know? And you Know what to do and are still missing the mark?

The true deep down answers to these questions are game changers, coaching will reveal all these answers and more. In a relationship sense, if you get to know yourself better, you will realise pretty quickly if the person standing in front of you is the right partner for you, another major benefit will be, the only person you have to get to know and focus on in the relationship will be your partner, I guarantee they will love this and also love how sure and confident you are about yourself too.

“Get to know yourself, it will give you all the confidence you need to talk to any girl you want to”

What are some helpful tools to learn for new or existing relationships?

The most fruitful relationships require

  • Fun, this is what we enter relationships for, isn’t it?

  • Responsibility, equal responsibility in all areas of the relationship these days

  • Communication, if you have these skills, you’re halfway there

  • Respect, for each other, always, it’s your responsibility to give it and to earn it

  • Healthy boundaries, know them, respect them stick to them or lose yourself

  • Vulnerability, fine tune this for others, get it right and get the girls

  • Attraction, you have to attracted to something about the other person, even if it’s money lol

  • And of course, love, this awesome feeling which has a different meaning for everyone, never think it means the same to you as it does to your partner, I find this thought very cool, what about you?

With the right coach, all these tools above are easy to learn, and once you have a good grasp on who you are as a person, they will actually come to you quite easily.

One of the best ways to find true love is through a Lifestyle Coach @LaunchPoint

  • There is never a problem that’s too hard to overcome

  • The whole process is a lot of fun

  • You’ll gain amazing confidence

  • You’ll find your true authentic self

  • And you’ll find your partner too

“Be the guy who girls want to be with”

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